Welfare Organisations

Kosher Food and medicines

Hospital Kosher Meals Service
Tel: 020 8795 2058
Kosher food for people in hospital

Kosher updates:
For update news of kosher products authorised by the Kashrut division of the London Beth Din and further information visit www.kosher.org.uk or http://isitkosher.org.uk/

For advice on medication that is kosher, please contact: Kashrus and Medicines information Service Rabbi A Adler BPharm MRPharmS 07970868232 rabbiadlerkashrus@gmail.com

Ezra Umarpeh
London Head Office
Tel: 020 8211 7999
Email: admin@ezra-umarpeh.com
Website: http://www.ezra-umarpeh.com/
Provide accessible transport, hospital respite rooms and loans of medical equipment

Initiation Society
Tel: 020 8455 5059/07712 821 219
email: mlev@parl.org.uk
Website: www.initiationsociety.org.uk/Contact.html
List of registered Mohels to carry out circumcisions


Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service
Tel: 020 8951 3881
Email: enquiries@jbcs.org.uk
Website: www.jbcs.org.uk

United Synagogue Stillbirth Support Group
Tel: 020 8343 5651
24 hour answerphone
Website: www.theus.org.uk

Children, Young adults and families

Camp Simcha
Tel: 020 8202 9297
Email: office@campsimcha.org.uk
Website: www.campsimcha.org.uk
Supports children 0-18 yrs with any form of cancer or other condition which is a threat to life and their families

Tel: 020 8809 8809
Email: info@norwood.org.uk
Website: www.norwood.org.uk
Supports children and families dealing with disadvantage and learning disabilities. Also provides support for adults with learning disabilities


Chai Lifeline
Tel: 020 8202 2211
Free Helpline: 0808 808 4567
Website: www.chaicancercare.org
Provides emotional, physical, spiritual and practical support to cancer patients and their families

Jewish Care
Helpline: 020 8922 2222 / Central Office: 020 8922 2000
Email: jcdirect@jcare.org
Website: www.jewishcare.org
Health and social care charity for the Jewish Community.

Jewish Women’s Aid
Domestic abuse – women and children
Tel: 020 8445 8060
Helpline: 0808 801 0500
Email: info@jwa.org.uk
Website: www.jwa.org.uk

The Jewish Helpline (Formerly Miyad)
Tel: 0800 652 9249
Website: www.jewishhelpline.co.uk
Provides a listening service for anyone wanting to talk over a problem. Whether people are in crisis or are in need of a “listening ear” for problems they are encountering, or those who are feeling lonely, anxious, depressed or suicidal.
Open 12 noon to 12 midnight every day except Friday, Shabbat and Yom Tov

Tel : 020 8458 2223
Website: www.jamiuk.org
Care and support for people with mental health issues

Jewish Blind and Disabled (working name for Jewish Blind & Physically Handicapped Society)
Tel: 020 8371 6611
Email: info@jbd.org
Website: www.jbd.org
Sheltered housing for physically disabled or visually impaired people to enable independent living

Friends of the Sick (Chevrut Bikkur Cholim)
Tel: 020 7435 0836
Email: info@ukfos.org
Website: www.ukfos.org
Care for sick and elderly exclusive of washing and bathing

Kosher Meals on Wheels (part of Jewish Care)
Tel: 020 8551 0017 (if you live in Redbridge area only)
Website: www.jewishcare.org/kosher-meals-on-wheels
Most local authorities provide kosher meals on wheels but it is means tested.

Tel: Helpline: 020 8201 5774
Office: 020 8203 8455
Email: info@chana.org.uk
Website: www.chana.org.uk
Infertility support

Jewish Genetic Disorders UK
Tel: 020 8123 5022
Email: info@jgduk.org
Website: www.jewishgeneticdisordersuk.org
Dedicated to improving the prevention, diagnosis and management of Jewish genetic disorders in the UK

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