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If you want to request a visit, telephone 020 8343 6238 or e-mail

This number is only currently checked during office hours and not on Shabbat or on the Jewish Holidays, so if you need a visit urgently, ask the hospital to call the chaplain directly. Most chaplains will only visit on Shabbat or on the Jewish Holidays if they know in advance that there is a patient they need to see urgently and if they are in walking distance of the hospital where they visit, but most will not go on those days.


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Who’s Who in Jewish Visiting


Michelle Minsky

Co-ordinates Jewish Visiting and represents Jewish Visiting at multi-faith forums
Tel: 020 8343 5688

Orah Barnett

Takes calls on the Jewish Visiting No and contacts chaplains and visitors to arrange visits
Maintains the list of chaplains and visitors and where they visit
Tel: 020 8343 6238

Rabbi Salasnik

Support and advises chaplains on all issues relating to Jewish Hospital
Chaplaincy and represents Jewish Visiting at multi-faith forums
Tel: 07961 366 689

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